Wednesday, September 20, 2006

good things

i love this time of year. especially on days like today. what a glorious afternoon! after work, i went for a walk on donauinsel (danube island), and sat in the sunshine for a while, in my t-shirt and skirt, bare legs and all, reading my terry pratchett book (witches abroad). i wish i'd had a camera, the light was amazing, so pure. i hope it stays like this for a little longer. hard to believe that it could be snowing in 5 or 6 weeks (not usually, but we have had snow before the end of october, even in vienna). *shiver*

when i came home, the new edition of poetry salzburg review was waiting for me in the mailbox; only yesterday i'd said to sepp it must be out any day now. yay! the nice thing about this issue is that i've got three poems in it (which i'd mentioned before, when i got the acceptance note) - two of them nigel poems, the other one of my rules poems, and all of them 30/30 poems. the other nice thing about it is being practically cheek to cheek with the ubiquitous ms agnetha ang - the two of us probably making up the loonie section. if you want to buy the magazine or further support poetry salzburg review (and it is worth it), you can get information here.

day 11 at 30/30 - to those poems listed in the previous post i've now added

vii.09 - neon - signs, signs, everywhere are signs
vii.10 - germanium - germania
today's poem has not been written yet. or, not finished, anyhow.

song of the day: o sole mio by luciano pavarotti


megalopoet said...

your day sounds divine in myriad ways.
yee! for all the poems, the published, and the not-quite written.

jenni said...

oh i just loved hearing about your day! i love this time of year too -- though i'm not sure if my time of year (fall) is the same as yours?

congrats on the 3! poems too! wow. kick butt girl.

Arlene said...

yay! congrats on the PSR publication, musty. haven't yet gotten my copy... hope it gets here soon. can't wait to read your poems!

bare legs and all. and wishing you had a camera. oh, melba, naughty naughty!! what am i to do with you?