Saturday, August 05, 2006

an insane centrifugal hiss

some of you already heard, but still: i have some poems in the new issues of the hiss quarterly (which, if you don't know that already, is one hell of a zine!) and centrifugal eye.

the poems in this issue of hiss (insanity is a one-trick pony) are all part of some series i have been working on -

conversation with an aluminum ladle (part of the conversations series)
what the therapist doesn't say to alice (part of the alice in therapy series)
Digby's Soliloquy (part of the infamous nigel series)
how to behave in fairy tales (part of the rules series)

Central Cemetery and vienna are the two works in centrifugal eye, obviously both inspired by the city i live in.

make sure you also read the other poets' work, especially susan culver's and john vick's in hiss!

all-day struggle with the fickle muse today, day 22 out of 30. sigh.

song of the day: attwenger - muamen


Sam of the ten thousand things said...

Good work Michi. I enjoyed all the poems -- especially "what the therapist doesn't say to alice" and "vienna".

Your'e right -- Hiss Quarterly is a good venue.

C. E. Chaffin said...

Your work has become more expansive since last I knew you. Who are you reading, Merwin? Your verse has a lot of energy.

Nice to be published! I don't even know what are considered the top e-zines anymore. I gather you think highly of Hiss. How old are they?

Shelley said...

Will be trying to treat myself to some of this poetry soon. Meanwhile, thought I'd let you know that I've finally updated my sidebar to reciprocate your linky love, and hope therefore to ditch my "sidebar deadbeat" rep.


Arlene said...

wheeee!! congrats on the publications — particularly enjoyed the hiss poems. you're one crazy ladle. the more serious poems in centrifugal eye are beautiful!

and hey, belated happy birthday to your blog. i was away when mine hit its first year and forgot all about it. hee.


jeannine said...

Hey Michaela - congrats on the pubs. Of course, my favorite was "How to Behave in Fairy Tales" :)

michi said...

thanks everyone!

sam - i don't often write poems about vienna, although i keep thinking i ought to. glad you liked this one.

c e - no, not reading merwin. but i think i am not that directly influenced by what i am reading. over the last months, i have been reading cummings, clifton, kunitz, many chapbooks / online poets' books. hiss are not nearly as "old" as melic. they're in their third year.

thanks shelley! :)

elroy - thank you. crazy ladle, yes, that's me. the one that sharon used to want. sigh. you may be late to the party, btw, but you can still bring a cake! ;)

jeannine - thanks. glad you liked the fairy tale poem. i'd submitted it at least three times before, no luck, but hiss told me they loved it. :)