Tuesday, August 08, 2006

how the other half blogs

arlene has to deal with latin, er, lechers. thank goodness she already learned how to read the signs.

sarah is back from her holiday and brought us musings about mousolion hair.

sharon is dreaming at midnight, like a good girl should.

allen has got poetry, and allen has got clouds. perhaps he wants some of our rain?

nathan is making enemies of people over 30, and promoting poetry.

collin is on the move.

pris is writing poetry in an ocean of clouds.

ros is having disturbing dreams.

sam is working with what is given, and doing it well.

song of the day: richard hawley - can you hear the rain, love? -- oh yes.


Collin said...

The move is complete. Now I just have to get the flat all sorted. :)

Arlene said...

nathan turned a year older, too -- missed that as well. but yay, i get to bring a cake! i've been dying to get this cake of mud off my sneakers. any icing preferences?

hee, signs indeed. like sign language... with the hands placed primarily on another person's legs.


C. E. Chaffin said...

You should post a poem today, It's POETRY THURSDAY.

The glasses look elegant.

Are you native German or GastArbeiter?

michi said...

hi c e - i wrote a poem. am on round six of a-poem-a-day. day 27.

and don't ever call an austrian "german". ;)