Monday, July 31, 2006

tomato, blossoms, and another haiga

our first tomato! while it was still there. before we ate it. bye-bye tomato. nice to have, er, met you! :)

lots and lots of blue blossoms!

today's haiga for the 30/30 challenge (day 17) - click to enlarge:

song of the day: shivaree - cannibal king - short and, er, yummy.


megalopoet said...

oh, the 'mater looks fuh-resh! yummy! i got our first 5 cherries off this weekend and oh, isn't it nice to have your *own* food, so close!!

and those morny glories! i adore the heavenly blue ones-- those *are* heavenly blue, right? oh, i must, in the daylight hours, take one of mine and compare...

yours in greenthumbery,

michi said...

hey nicole, yes, they are heavenly blue - there are close-ups on some other blog page here somewhere.

these are my first ever tomatoes - i tried last year, but it was such a cool and rainy summer, nothing grew very well at all.


Lauren Mitchell said...

Did you draw that picture with the poem? Or is it a photo? Your patio garden looks wonderful!


michi said...

lauren - it's a photo. played around with photoshop then, different effects. i love doing that. could spend hours photoshop-ping. :)


jenni said...

oooh what a lovely tomater!

michi said...

yes, so it was. *harhar* before ms gabriel and mr weissenboeck got their hands on it ... and their teeth ... *G*