Thursday, July 06, 2006

contacts, grass widow, myspace

i finally got my new contacts today! i broke my right contact lens 12 days ago, and saw the optician this morning. a few hours and 387 euro later, i had my new pair. turned out that my eyesight has not got much worse over the last years, although it did feel like it had, at least over the last six months, but that was probably due to the state of my old contacts. i have an appointment for the 3rd to get new glasses too, which means i will have to start looking for a nice pair that i can actually wear outside the house without wanting to die of shame. i'll post a pic once (if) i find something nice that actually suits me. :)

i'm a grass widow for a few days, sepp is away near stuttgart in germany - on business, not for the world cup! or so he says. *G* he'll be back on saturday. meanwhile, i am looking after the plants on the balcony - the tomatoes are growing fast, the first snapdragons have arrived and are happily snapping, and the first morning glory will bloom tomorrow or on saturday. i ate another one of the delicious white radishes today, very yummy. plant pics on the weekend, when husband and camera have returned.

i am wondering whether any of you are using myspace at all? a friend of mine, annette hyder, was talking to me about the possibilities of myspace, and i think she is trying to convince me to use it more. i signed up months ago, but never really did anything with it. i am not sure i like the look & feel of it, and so far i was not interested enough to play with it and explore. now i have at least updated the profile and posted one blog entry, an older poem. hm. we shall see.

i am reading neil gaiman's short story collection smoke and mirrors, and nick hornby's a long way down, have just finished j m coetzee's disgrace. lucille clifton's blessing the boats is in my backpack, and i dip in now and then on the tram or train.

i bought two pairs of shoes today. and went to lush to treat myself to some peeling and shampoo (my favourite, in fact the only one i use these days!).

the shoes:

also, i wrote a couple of poems over the last few days, nothing too great, and it is hard work, like coaxing them out of their hiding place. but it's something.

if only it were as easy as ranting about dogs or talking about food i don't like (as i did on sarah's blog), i'd have written twenty poems today. :)

isn't my life exciting?

song of the day: fiona apple's shadowboxer


Collin said...

I have a myspace site ( is basically a mirror of my blog. It's gotten a ton of visits and my publisher was keen for me to set one up to help promote "Slow To Burn." It's also helped me connect with old friends. There are mixed feelings about myspace, but I say go for it.

Lauren Mitchell said...

Oooh, I love Lush. Their "Bananna Moon" soap is so wonderful and smells just like bananna nut bread! I also love their honey's called "Honey I washed the kids" or something like that.

I can understand about not writing much. I haven't been writing anything I'm really excited about either. I think every once in awhile we just need a bit of a break : )

michi said...

collin, i know you have a myspace site, i have visited that and added you as a friend. thanks for your thoughts.

lauren - we have only had lush for about 9 months here in vienna, before that i used to go to their shops wherever i travelled. i have got that honey soap too, it is sooooo yummy! i've got a chocolate massage bar, and my shampoo is one of those shampoo bars, jumping juniper. i adore their product names. :)


lorguru said...

I never heard of lush. I'll check out your link.
Congrats on the new contacts and good luck getting some nice specs. My nice pair broke just after the warranty wore off and the frames were no longer available, so I have a hideous pair that was the only one that would fit my perfectly fine lenses. I try not to go out anywhere with them.
I've never tried MySpace, but I suppose it can't hurt. I just don't know if I could keep up with so many different sites. I already have three blogs here, but only keep up with one daily.
Collin's idea about keeping them the same is a good idea, I think.

I'm looking forward to the end of the World Cup this weekend. I haven't been watchin much Wimbledon so far...when is that culminating?

michi said...

hi lauren - lush is wonderful! just looking at their products, smelling them, reading their names is lovely! i hope you had a chance to check out the link.

i do have my myspace site, but i still have not decided what to do with it; one of my concerns is that it is another project, or could be.

i am just watching wimbledon - nadal vs pagdatis; the women's final is tomorrow, the men's on sunday. i watched a bit this week, though not nearly as much as during the french open.


Collin said...


Ooops...many apologies. I had forgotten you had your MySpace up and running. It's hard to keep up. As you can tell, the MySpace is not my first priority. I still prefer blogger. :)


michi said...

no problem, collin! :)
i posted two poems there, but i doubt it will become MY first priority!

SarahJane said...

Hi Michi,
Cute shoes!
I'm absolutely broke and was complaining about it to my husband and then we had a little while between appts downtown & went into Marimekko where I spent 100 euros no problem on two shirts. I justified it by saying these were really two fucking unique and wonderful shirts.

I'm afraid of myspace. it seems goth to me. I'm wrong I know. But it seems like a lot of teenagers and fresh college grads going berserck. of course I'm ignorant.

We have a lush in frankfurt, too. Two things I dislike are soaps and perfumes that smell too much like food. yuck. food is food.

love your morning glory pic above, too. what a color.

michi said...

sarah - *L* i guess there ARE a lot of teenagers and grads there, but i know there are also a lot of artists. you tell me what's more frightening. *LOL*

so you are not so fond of lush?
and tee-hee. what you said made me picture this schnitzel-shaped soap smelling of vienna at lunchtime on sundays - wiener schnitzel everywhere! :)))

i love those shampoo bars (not smelling of food) - they last forever. i only need less than two in a year, and i wash my hair every day. 12 euro for shampoos per year, that is not bad. :)

ah yes, i love morning glories. we had the first one yesterday, two today, and it looks like we are getting three tomorrow. and lots more later on. :)


SarahJane said...

teenagers. teenage boys especially. one alone is probably okay but if I'm walking down the street and two or more teenage boys are coming in the opposite direction, my skin starts to crawl.

i want to like lush. but when they take out those big knives to cut soap bars AS IF THEY WERE BREAD, I get grossed out.

anyway, those morning glories really are gorgeous. what are they called in German? i suppose i missed the season but maybe next trip to the Gärtnerei I can ask after them.

michi said...

ah yes. teenage boys. i am, er, fortunate enough to observe their rituals every morning on the train. *L*

tee-hee re your reaction to lush soap. have you ever tried anything though?

monrning glory = trichterwinde, or prunkwinde. i love the english name, so much sweeter, and to the point. i don't buy the plants, i always buy seeds. at the spar supermarket. if you cannot find any, i could always send you a packet.

SarahJane said...

isn't it morning glory seeds that when ingested work just like lsd? I'm serious.

michi said...

yes i have heard something like that before, and i think we even looked it up once in some clever book.

but i have never tried it. ;)


SarahJane said...

well let me know how it works out.

michi said...

*L* sarah - so that is why YOU want to grow them?! ;))

SarahJane said...

well, it's organic. right?