Monday, July 10, 2006

arabesques review, hollyhock, and: which film?

okay, so i finally found out where on their website the arabesques review actually posted my two poems - by googling my name. not that they ever told me. not that i have received the copy of TAR i paid for three months ago. not that they paid attention to stanza breaks (there aren't any, not in the versions posted on their site). ah well. you live, you learn.

still - here is a link to Waiting for the Perseids and Word Scout, a poem dedicated to arlene ang.

here's a pic of the cutest pink hollyhock.

and now you tell me - which film does the following picture bring to mind? the first to guess correctly will be sent a raspberry. *giggle*

while you are here in blogland, take lauren finaldi gurus' quiz to find out about unresolved issues from your past life.

i am thinking i might do another quiz ... something poetry-related again ... but it is too hot to figure out what exactly!

books: i finished nick hornby's a long way down - very good. recommended. received more books from amazon today: the time traveler's wife, the kite runner, a couple of summer read girlie books for hot sunday afternoons, a poetry collection by stanley kunitz, kafka on the shore, and the poet's companion: a guide to the pleasures of writing poetry. should last me a few weeks. ;)

song of the day: tori amos - concertina


rae said...

Edward Scissorhands (even though there aren't any scissors!) ?!

Lauren Mitchell said...


Also, I loved "Kafka on the shore" hope you like it too : )

lorguru said...

Thanks for the link to my quiz!
I love the poem for Arlene! Very nice!
I was reminded of Edward Scissorhands, too, but I'm sure that's not it.

michi said...

you got it, lauren (lauren m, that is)! :)
amelie as a child does that on both her hands in the film, and eats the berries off really quickly. i love that scene! :)


lorguru said...

I saw the movie, but I don't remember much about it. Perhaps worth another look?
Did you eat them off really quickly this time, too???

Sam of the ten thousand things said...

Good poems. Especially like these lines:

His hands know the secret of ink stains,
how they suck blackness from thunderclouds
until he refuses to dream in anything but colour --

Arlene said...

teehee, about the poem. you see, i was right! i did hear you comment nastily in my mind (about how i handle the steering wheel): you can wring that all you want but it still won't taste like chicken. you're creepy weird.

ditto about raspberry photo. for some reason it reminded me of clockwork orange. i think i've been in manila too long.

yikes, still no TAR copy after all this time?!! no doubt they'll blame it on the inefficient austrian post. or worse, on you. heh.


Sharon Hurlbut said...

Yes, yes, another quiz! I actually subbed my two taxidermy poems, so who knows where your genius could lead me next. Congratulations on the pub. It looks fine to me - great poems!

jenni said...

I think they look like mushrooms!!

One really good thing about blogs is that now we have a network when journals flake out on us. We can write about it publicly and this, at some level, puts pressure on jounals to be on their best behavior.

michi said...

thanks everyone for stopping by -

lauren, it is a wonderful film. always worth seeing again. and yes, i did eat them off. :)

sam - thank you.

arlene - you are getting that mixed up: creepy weird, that's YOU. angela. ellen. allan. whoever. ;)

sharon - i'll do my best re a quiz. my genius ... pity i haven't met him. ;)

jenni - *giggle* and yes, in a way. like little caps. :) i thought about posting about bad experiences with zines, but decided that yes, others might want to know about such things.


C. E. Chaffin said...

Michi--so good to find you here after all this time, and Arlene I know as well. Your poems worked well despite the absence of spaces. I really liked "Waiting for the Perseids." I could use a shower.

I'll link to you.

michi said...

nice to see you around here, c.e.! thanks for the note, and the kind words. i added a link to your blog too.

see you around,