Friday, June 02, 2006

presents, flashquake, and a very sore throat

today was the last day with the group of 10 and then 11 women i taught for the last 10 weeks. after their last ECDL test, we sat and chatted, and had a few snacks - and the lovely ladies spoiled me rotten with their farewell gifts! this is what they gave me:

all swedish stuff! yay! they must have paid attention to more than just those things they needed to pass their tests ...

see - proof that i did not pig out on the goodies straight away! ;)

one student's card touched me especially - i have obviously made a little difference to her life, and it's wonderful to get such feedback.

thanks ladies!

more good news: the summer issue of flashquake is online! sharon hurlbut guest edited, and therefore is at least partly to blame that you will find 2 poems of yours truly in it: dream in c major and after the shipwreck - both 30/30 poems.

the not so good news: i have a terribly sore throat - every word is painful by now, and so is eating most things except soup. :( i am also running a temperature, and will take myself off to bed asap. sigh. the weather is horrible, and promises to get worse. ugh. so much for a nice long weekend.

EDITING IN: i've got the flu! waaaah! temperature's at 38,5C (101F) and rising! can somebody tell it to please go away? *sigh* back to bed ...

song of the day: ask the mountains by stina nordenstam and vangelis


Lauren Mitchell said...

That's wonderful michi! It must feel so good to have touched others' lives like that. And the goodies look yummy too!

Suzanne said...

Lot's of fluids and even more rest for you. Get well soon!

Sharon Hurlbut said...

Oh Michi, I'm so sorry to hear you're sick! Please rest, rest, drink, rest, drink, drink, and rest. At least you have all those yummy treats to comfort you, once you feel like eating again. Take care and feel better soon!

Arlene said...

what a wonderful gift, michi! and congrats on the fantabulous poems in flashquake. i remember them from 30:30 and loved them even then.

sorry to hear about flu. i've sent a wundah-flowah to cheer you up. not sure if you're up enough for a singing telegram. hee.

erm, ethel says she suspects someone pigged out immediately after the snapshot. but she's been paranoid ever since the -erm- drunk hug.


Liadra said...

I'll say you were spoiled!

Sorry to hear about the flu :( That always sucks. But you've got the good news of poems published! That's really awesome to hear. Hopefully it cancels out the illness.

Get well soon :)

Carl Bryant said...

Flu is horrible.

What karma I have coming is coming your way. Perhaps it'll help.

On second thought, you'd better duck.

Get well soon!

Luft & Thea said...

that's nice of them.. can we share? hahahaha

michi said...

awww, thanks for stopping by everyone, and for the congrats and good wishes! feeling better today, though still very groggy. you know that lovely feeling as if somebody had chewed on you for approx. 7,2 hours and then spat you out and left you there? that's how i feel. spent the time since friday evening sleeping, sleeping, resting, sweating, sleeping, watching a little tennis, and DRINKING loads.

carl - i didn't duck, i think the karma hit me full on. ;)

atiah - you'll have to be quick!

some of the goodies are beginning to disappear ... i am sure it's my husband, while i am sleeping. *yeah sure*

m x

lorguru said...

Don't know what happened, michi...I commented on this one the day you wrote it. Maybe I couldn't get my word ver. right! hehe
Anyway, Congrats on the publication, and I hope you are feeling better by now. That was very sweet of your students. I'm sure you are a wonderful teacher.
-lauren (biumu)

SarahJane said...

da snackz look wery wery healfy.
get well soon!

michi said...

thanks lauren. am better, but not 100%.
sarah - there are actually a few hidden relatively healthy things in there: jam, knäckebröd, and chocolate, of course. ;) i love the pepperkakor - gingerbread. the smell is loooovely! :)