Friday, June 09, 2006

links, tennis, and me not talking about the football world cup

here are two links for you -

     beautiful photographs of people and nature

     how to speak hip

went back to work yesterday - and i was tired enough after the four hours with my new class; there are only six people, one of them, the only guy, is completely new to computers though. not sure yet whether there is a language problem, since he is originally from ex-yugoslavia, but so far he seems to understand alright. the group's very different from the previous one, the chemistry is so different. they're quieter, not connecting as easily, it seems. they seemed less tense today, however, and i am sure it'll be alright.

had to teach english yesterday evening, too, and i was very tired on my way home. today, i felt pretty okay most of the day, the only thing is that my head still feels like a padded bag, especially in the morning and evening.

watched more tennis - some really good games too. the dream final is on for sunday - federer vs nadal, and the women's final could be very interesting too - henin-hardenne vs kuznetsova. federer was simply not *there* earlier today, at the beginning of the match against nalbandian, but then he woke up, and took control. perfect tennis for a while. nalbandian had to retire eventually, shame. i did not see nadal's match against ljubicic. so - two more matches to watch at the french open.

austria's very talented junior tamira paszek went out in the quarter finals against the no. 1 seed, but it was a very close match. she's such a huge talent, and i hope they don't mess her up. she's only 15 1/2 and already managed to win a few games against professional players, the last one alicia molik at a recent tournament. one to watch.

all the guys are happy because THE day is here: the football world cup has begun. all the girls are happy, because they have a month of freedom coming up! ;)
i'll put a picture of my husband on my desk, so i won't forget what he looks like.

i hope to write some poetry again soon - so many ideas, but i cannot seem to put anything on paper. something's brewing, but it might take a little while longer until the time is ripe.

i received a note that james reidel's book of translations of austrian novelist and playwright thomas bernhard's poetry is now available. i am very much looking forward to reading it. i once translated several of bernhard's poems for a friend, but i am not sure whether the book includes translations of these particular works.

song of the day: the ice storm, big gust, and you by tilly & the wall.


lorguru said...

Nice to get updated with your life, michi.
Yes, my husband is on his second match today, day 1. Your comment about the pic of your husband made me laugh!
I missed the tennis matches earlier, but do look forward to the final.
Take care!

michi said...

so is mine, lauren. *L* enjoy the tennis! m

Sam of the ten thousand things said...

Wow to the photographs. Thanks for posting.

Arlene said...

hey you! i think i'll put *my* picture on top of the television so the husband doesn't forget what i look like. subliminal messages work, don't they?

vldmew (vlad says mew),

michi said...

no, arlene. not with men. you have to be blunt. *LOL*

kufkkk (you figure *that* out for yourself, though i will give you a tip: it's an anagram *LOL*),


Arlene said...

sigh. you're right. i think that's the reason cavewomen used hefty clubs to hit then drag the men into the cave.

today's blogger advice: znaytc (zone around your tom cat).