Saturday, May 06, 2006

headache, e-(chap)books, chapbooks

blaaaahhhh! headache all day. soooo NOT FUN! therefore, no partying with léa and friends tonight, sepp had to go alone, out into the wind and rain, thunder and lightning. i watched grosse pointe blank (again) which happened to be on tv. i have a thing for mr cusack, you see. and for black humour.

alex stolis, one of my favourite poets, has an e-chapbook up at andwerve. after you've caught up with things here, do go and read it. (if you follow the link to andwerve, click on current issue, then scroll down to features and click on winter solstice.) it is called winter solstice and was inspired by suzanne frischkorn's spring tide (which you really should buy if you haven't got it yet). alex wrote the poems recently when writing a poem every day, and he sent them to me day by day. i knew it wouldn't be long until someone snapped them up for publication. i'm happy for you, mr stolis, congrats! :)

bought annette m hyder's the real reason the queen hated snow tonight, an e-book of over 100 pages. you can find info on the book on annette's website. i look forward to reading the poems and background info on mythology / fairy tales, i'm sure it will be an intriguing journey through tales and myths!

shopping spree - i also ordered jeannine hall gailey's becoming the villainess, and collin kelley's slow to burn. i look forward to reading these two books.

not much music today - but i am just listening to the tindersticks' sometimes it hurts for the third time, just the right song for me at this moment.


SarahJane said...

Hi Michi -
I looked at Andwerve for the chapbook but didn't see it. Where is it? Nice to read what you're reading. hope the kopfschmerzen is gone.

michi said...

sarah, i edited my post to include the path to alex' book, hope you get to read it now!

didn't sleep until past four, and guess what? i have a headache today! *ssiiiiiigh!*

even typing word verifications like tkfxcex is a challenge!


SarahJane said...

thanks, i'll check it out.
hope the headache's gone...

Cheryl said...

Thanks for the note and the link to Alex's latest. Looks good!

Collin said...

Thanks, Michi. :)