Friday, May 12, 2006

books, music, books again

i received the 2005 annual print issue of loch raven review today; that is, i picked it up at the post office today. it took me about 50 minutes for what normally takes 5-10 minutes! i went to the post office around the corner to "quickly pick it up before lunch": spent 5 mins in the queue, then the clerk started looking for my package. and she looked and looked, and searched and searched - nothing. after at least 10 mins, she rang the other post office, the main post office of the 10th district. she told me my package was THERE. but of course. so i walked there, 10 mins. spent 17 minutes in the queue (nice to see time ticking away like that! not!) and got my package within half a minute. 10 min walk back. sigh. i am in good company in the book: arlene ang, teresa white, christopher t. george, gary blankenship, georg trakl, erich fried, rainer maria rilke and others.

i also got jeannine hall gailey's book becoming the villainess today and i look forward to reading that.

i visited pris campbell's blog lately and followed a link to a national geographic world music site. pris linked to a sami song, music from lapland, northern scandinavia, which reminded me of the cd i bought in lapland last year, sleangacuoivvat by sancuari. one of their songs can be found on my blog, an entry from back in august 2005.

and today i remembered one of my favourite austrian folk songs, sung by a small choir from my home province, carinthia. it's called i hab di gern, and it's a beautiful love song - don't you think? it's my song of the day.

btw - i have added a recently read / currently reading section below the poetry links in the navigation bar, and i intend to keep it up to date.


nate said...

I'm gonna order Jeannine's book too (that is, when I get some nmfppl)... so tell me what you think (loved her stuff in The Eleventh Muse)

SarahJane said...

all those singers haben the same person gern? man, what is that? austrian pornography or what?