Tuesday, March 07, 2006

no. yes! why?

rejection note from softblow magazine, the second one. :( i had a reply yesterday, which has me thinking about it too often. here's what it says:

"We regret to inform you that, for a variety of reasons, we are unable to feature your work."
now: "sorry we cannot use your work at the moment." - fine. "no thanks." - fine. but "for a variety of reasons" - ??? i really don't know what on earth that is supposed to mean: not good enough and too short? we already have enough submissions for the next decade and our layout cannot handle long lines? and besides it is a monday, and we don't like your hair in the picture? is it me, or is that a strange note? hm. i cannot very well ask them, can i?

on to the good news: some of you will remember my note about esther morgan's guardian.co.uk poetry workshop about ghosts, and/or my poem Bedside from the 30/30 forum. it's made the shortlist, and can be read, together with esther morgan's comments, on the guardian website. i'm happy, and, just for this occasion, donning my whitest sheet and carrying my head under my arm. *G*

and now i have a question for you: who on earth thought that putting charlize theron in that dress was a good idea?

song of the day: fotoromanza by gianna nannini. reminds me of my teenage years. and i still love it.

and ps have you noticed that i am blogging a lot lately?


SarahJane said...

congrats on the guardian thing.
that's absolutely yzvfatj!

Arlene said...

woohoo!! congrats on the shortlisting! have also bookmarked the site.

and teehee!!! i can't believe you've let your length hang-up come out into the open again. i mean what else would these preoccupations lead one to think:

... not good enough and too short? we already have enough submissions for the next decade and our layout cannot handle long lines?

you ought to write a poem entitled: "for a variety of reasons (to s.b.j.)" teehee. you know, i *did* tell you not to cut your hair before a submission. give 'em a try again... i had to work on mine a bit before they decided on publishing my stuff.

now where can i view charlize theron in that dress? hee.


p.s. krotwa
(it's the frog prince,
i think,
saying he wants
to have your babies).

John Vick said...

michi, read about sb at ITWS too. Can't believe there are editors out there who are so into themselves they can't be decent to the people who enable them to exist. I say poets should be worshipped by editors for supporting their zines' endeavors.

Not into ghosts, personally, but the WORKSHOP SOUNDS FABU!!!!!!!!! Kudos for that!!