Saturday, January 07, 2006

mai tai, planter's punch, and caipirinhas

amazing, but i don't even have a headache today, after the different cocktails i tried last night! why didn't anybody tell me that there isn't any punishment for nights out any more? who knows, i might do it more often now! :) gudrun went for strawberry margarita and caipirinha instead. have not inquired after the state of her health yet.

anyway, a couple of before-and-after pics, notice that i have finally had a haircut (not between the before and after, jeeeeeez!):



and guys, you missed your chance of staring at my cleavage. i'll have to be careful with that top i was wearing yesterday. and yes, to answer this once and for all: women DO notice, no matter what you think. we have eyes. we have brains. we use them. both. at the same time. it's called multi-tasking. :-p

speaking of which, arlene has accepted one of my poems for the erotica supplement of niederngasse, due out in february. :) from what i have seen, reading erotic poetry can do your head in. you should all try it some time. :))

allen's website is done, and finally online. go check it out at enjoy the words, music, and art!

am dyeing my hair today. i love it! :)

song of the day, hmmm ... tequila sunrise, perhaps?

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Hi Michi!! :-)