Saturday, December 31, 2005

another year over ...

... to quote mr john lennon. and no. no i won't say it. i won't chime in. no way. i'm not going to say that i cannot believe another year has come and gone. i'm not one of those lamenting the passing of time in a flash. no. nor will i breathe a word about getting old. instead i'll mention a few of the good things about 2005, inspired by bo's best of list which i promised to reply to and "imitate".

so. i am sure i am not thinking of everything i read and saw and heard this year, but here goes:

best films this year: closer, million dollar baby, mar adentro (the sea inside), sideways, så som i himmelen (as it is in heaven), the life aquatic with steve zissou, broken flowers

most wonderful musical discoveries (not necessarily new stuff, but new to me): richard hawley, martha wainwright, lucky jim, madrugada, goldfrapp, the walkabouts, kaizer's orchestra, ed harcourt, holly golightly, britta phillips & dean wareham

best albums: richard hawley - coles corner, franz ferdinand - you could have it so much better, element of crime - mittelpunkt der welt, martha wainwright - martha wainwright, lucky jim - our troubles end tonight, the walkabouts - acetylene

best concerts: kaizer's orchestra, adam green, tori amos in london; and the performance by attwenger at the donauinselfest

best books i read this year: jasper fforde's thursday next series, dan brown - the da vinci code, terry pratchett - soul music, arlene ang - the desecration of doves (poetry)

bestest game: älgar!

most memorable days: holding my first chapbook in my hands, hiking in abisko np (sweden), hiking on kvaløy and fjellheisen (tromsø, norway), gudrun and harald's "second" wedding (church) incl baptism of their little simon, the return of my muse *S*, having a tooth extracted (very painfully)

and here are some pics taken on our balcony this morning. enjoy.

duck, up to the neck in it!

not much need for water

where have all the flowers gone?

snow shoe

no smoke, no fire

have a happy, healthy, sparkling, sun-filled, fun-filled, successful, fabulous new year everyone. :)

oh and song of the day (besides abba's happy new year): GPT by martha wainwright.


SarahJane said...

Hi Michi-
Happy new year! I'm gonna have to look up Martha Wainwright. Love your lists.

michi said...

sarah, check out - you can listen to a few songs there!


ps: tuwnivsq

Arlene said...

WOW, WOW and WOW!! i sure envy you your snow, michi. and a wet kiss on the cheek for the best books list. **grin**

SarahJane said...

Ok, I listened and liked. I think I mentioned how I enjoy her parents' music. Maybe she's next.
thanks for hooking me up. smile, and "pifacgsl!"