Wednesday, November 09, 2005

muffins, pizza, and things you cannot eat

i baked muffins twice last week, i hope everyone's duly impressed. i'd promised my computer class red wine & chocolate muffins, and then i baked mocha muffins on saturday for some friends who came over that evening. the red wine muffins are my favourites, the mocha muffins were a first, and they were lovely, if i say so myself. too bad i cannot upload one for you to try! *G*

alex, my ex-roomie, and his girlfriend julia were in vienna on the weekend, and they joined sepp, birgit and me for pizza and some board games. it was fun, and good to see alex again!

after all that baking, i deserved a lazy sunday. the weather wasn't really tempting anyway, so that was alright. still, the day was partly spoiled by a splitting headache. :(

some good news:

LUSH, one of my favourite shops has finally opened a branch in vienna! yessss! now i know where to spend the rest of my money.

i have completed the second round of 30/30 (writing a poem per day for 30 days for those who missed earlier postings)! i never thought i could finish one round, let alone two! quite impressed with myself. am working on a series of how to handle all the zodiac signs now, that's fun. :)

i received susan culver's poetry collection all the ways we could have met in the mail yesterday, and i love what i have read so far.

swapped chapbooks with a few more people! i only have three left here, might have to order what's left just in case i ever decide to have a poetry reading ...

finally got the new element of crime cd today! yes!

bought a ticket for the franz ferdinand concert in december. love their new album, especially eleanor put your boots on.

glorious day yesterday: went for a walk on donauinsel (an island in the danube), even sat in the sunshine - it was quite warm, the sky a perfect blue. picture book autumn.

mixed news:

no news re submissions, but i keep sending them out.

wil be teaching from 8.30 to 4 pm for seven weeks, starting next monday. good for my purse, not so good for the poetry. sepp is quitting his job, so he'll have more time, and i less. badly timed.

song of the day: wenn der winter kommt, element of crime. and, of course, the rest of the album.

ps: have not uploaded our autumn photos yet ... sigh. some day, some day. promise.

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