Sunday, September 18, 2005

poetry, music, and all sorts of puzzles

another week over - how?! *L*

i am still writing a lot, posting at the poem-a-day forum, getting nice feedback. one of my recent poems caught an editor's attention, and i was asked to submit it so it can be published! i'll keep you posted.

found some terrific music, and the song of the day, though difficult to choose, has got to be richard hawley's "who's gonna shoe your pretty little feet", followed by several other hawley songs. simply wonderful. perfect for autumn, too. other newly acquired music includes songs by pistepirkko, flaming lips, muse, under byen, kaizer's orchestra, athlete, annie, caetano veloso, isolation years, ed harcourt, and some 80s stuff i only have on old tapes. who says there is no good music around anymore?

i bought a jigsaw puzzle a few days ago - the first in ages, 1000 pieces. i used to spend a lot of time on those things when i was a teen, and even during my early years at uni. so, i doubt i'll get bored over the next few weeks. (yeah right, as if i ever were!)

also, i am proud that i solved this weekend's der standard crossword all by myself, and rather fast. and - i have finally tried my hand (and brain) at sudoku: addictive, terribly so. did three today, solved all of them even though the paper claims they are "difficult" rather than medium or easy. sepp? well, he is sitting in a corner, shaking his head. *LOL*

the weather has changed, it is colder now, and we had rain, too. spent yesterday writing, working, watching tv, and today's a very lazy sunday. have yet to come up with a poem for the challenge ...i'll try and kickstart the muse!

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