Saturday, September 03, 2005

the loss of my voice, a birthday, and a cut finger

no more holiday reports, folks!

last weekend i lost my voice - sunday, and monday too, it was completely gone at times. not very convenient when you're supposed to be teaching for 6 hours! i was pretty happy when it was time to go home on monday, and shut up for a while.

tuesday it was still giving me a hard time, and of course teaching an additional 90 minutes (my "travelling a land down under" english class) did not help.

better on wednesday, though far from alright. it was my friend gudrun's son simon's first birthday - i hope to have some pictures up soon, i am sure there are a few cute ones. simon was decidedly more interested in the wrappings of his presents than the gifts themselves, but he was having fun, especially just before bedtime. :)

and here is one picture - simon and his godmother sonja, and he is quite obviously enjoying the first chocolate of his life, and thinking that if it is good enough for eating, it must also be good enough for external application to just about everything!

thursday evening i was about to get me a couple of slices of bread for dinner, when i cut my left index finger pretty badly. it seemed okay after a while, but about 75 mins after i cut myself, it began to bleed again quite badly, and i contemplated a trip to the hospital, but in the end did not go, and it has been okay since. the only problem is that typing is a bit difficult, and of course - no tennis this weekend.

the funny thing is that my accident has inspired the first poem i have written in months! i don't think it is the best i have written, but since i had not written even a line in many weeks, who's complaining?

just watched a terrific tennis match - hottie james blake vs rafael nadal. it had nothing of a 3rd round match about it, but everything of at least a semifinal. brilliant tennis, and james won!

and now i am listening, once again, to "westwards we're headed" by lucky jim, my favourite song of the moment.

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