Monday, August 08, 2005

DAY 16 - goodbye karesuando, hello kiruna, goodbye WUZ!

a beautiful morning, it's warm and sunny enough to have breakfast at the picnic table next to our tent! we finish off most of our breakfast stuff, because, after all, this is our last day on the road. we pack up and drive towards kiruna, the town we left 10 days ago.

we stop at vittangi - the place where the coldest temperature in sweden was recorded, a chilly -53°C (or -63F), but today it's lovely and warm. we stop by the lake (julkathenjärvi) and enjoy the sunshine and the view of the calm water and the fountain in the middle of the little lake.

julkathenjärvi, vittangi

we also have a look at vittangi church on the shore of the lake. and then, it's on to kiruna where we stop at the tourist centre, find out that even here the cinema is closed during the summer months, and then we're back at the campsite where we stayed the first time, but this time we don't pitch the tent. instead we decide to spend the last night in lapland in a cabin - not such a basic one either, we actually have a kitchenette and our own bath, so it's more like a hotel room than a cabin. it's just much more comfortable to clean out the car, pack our bags and the tent for the flight, and we're not affected by rain - and it does rain later.

after a trip to the supermarket, the time has come to take WUZ to the station where we have agreed to drop the car off. by the time we get there, it's pouring down though, and we don't really feel like walking back to the campground in that kind of weather. so we stay there until it stops raining so hard, and take our time saying goodbye to good old WUZ.

we walk back to the campsite, have dinner, finish packing, then i take a sunset walk around the campsite. it actually gets almost dark very late at night, something we are not used to anymore. our last night up north.

evening sky in kiruna

day 16 photos

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