Friday, August 05, 2005

DAY 04 - kubb, a farewell and a new home

the guys are obviously completely knackered from all that physical exercise at night, they are still half asleep during breakfast. sepp is devastated to find out that moa has not become market queen at överkalix. still - we manage to enjoy the breakfast buffet before checking out and heading towards gällivare.

we stop near porjus where there's a dam for the nearby power station. it's a beautiful, sunny day. a shame not to be able to spend more of it outdoors, walking. porjus power station has some exhibitions on the history of the settlement and the power station which are actually quite interesting. it must have been tough to come to a place like that so many years ago, practically in the middle of nowhere.

in the village, lotta, janne and sepp enjoy some drinks and ice-cream, while i explore the neighbourhood. lotta finds out that there is a place nearby where a set of kubb is available for free, so we decide to go there. i played kubb last year, but sepp has obviously never played it. first it is austria vs sweden, then girls against guys. sweden beats austria, and girls beat guys. :)

the winning team!

on to gällivare then, where we visit a church, it begins to pour down, we get a small thunderstorm, and we have something to eat. then it's goodbye to lotta and janne - heartbreaking, of course. :(

sepp and i wait at the train / bus station for our bus to kiruna. we leave gällivare at 06:30pm. lovely landscape on our way further north. we get to kiruna at 7:55pm. it's lovely and warm, and we have a nice walk to the campground - despite the heavy backpacks. :)

the campsite is well-kept, big, with pool and everything. time to "build our house" then, this is the first night in our tent! despite threatening dark skies, there is no thunderstorm, and we have a good night in our new home.

our house!

day 04 photos

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